Indirect Painting in 2.5 days!

Day 1 Evening Lecture: Learn all the key info that modern day ateliers give their students. 4 years of information in about 2 hours. These are the juicy a-ha knowledge nuggets that Julie finds to be the most mind blowing from her years of training at the Academy of Realist Art Boston.
Day 2 Afternoon: We start the day off by diving into applying our first layer of paint. 
Day 2 Evening: The Color study - using paint in a deliberate way, working in relationships, and the power of opacity,
Day 3 All day: We jump into our second layer of paint and explore what is possible in the world of indirect painting.

Students will receive a brush set from Trekell as they are sponsoring this workshop!

Supply List:

Canvas Panels or Panels:

  • 2 X 9 by 12 panels or canvas panel LINEN preferred canvases (can be acrylic or oil primed) 
    • MY SURFACE: Artefex 538 ACM Panels - use JULIE10 for a 10% discount
    • Alternatives: Centurion oil primed canvas. 
    • If you already have a preference for a surface that is portrait grade or smoother
    • Raphaels oil primed linen panel 
    • (NOT RECOMMENDED - cotton canvas boards, Fredrix pro oil primed Belgian linen  - these are not good)


  • A small bottle of Gamsol or OMS
  • 1 small empty jar with lid
  • Brush Cleaning Tank (definitely recommended) filled to the top of the coil with linseed oil. You can also you an glass jar with a lid with a sponge or coil at the bottom. 
  • Enough linseed oil to fill your cleaning tank or cleaning jar.


  • Palette knife  (use what you know, but no tiny tiny palette knives, no plastic palette knives) - 

  • Roll of paper towels (I like blue shop towels)

  • Palette - New Wave Palette recommended, no unfinished wood palettes. NO WHITE PALETTE PAPER!!!

  • Tracing paper (doesn’t need to be larger than 8.5 by 11, pad or roll)

  • Masking tape

  • Soap to wash brushes (dish soap, ivory soap, Fels Naptha laundry bar soap, anything that breaks down oils)

  • Gloves if you wear them while you paint

  • Notebook/Paper and Pen to write notes!

Recommended Paints:

If you have paints that are similar to the ones below, you can bring those. Brands I use are in the parentheses but you can use any brand you prefer

White - Lead or Titanium, whichever you prefer Rublev lead white No 1

Michael Harding Cremnitz white

Old Holland Cremnitz white

Or any titanium white

Cadmium Yellow or Cad Yellow Pale (Winsor Newton)

Yellow Ochre (RGH or Rublev Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre)

Raw Umber (Michael Harding)

Cadmium Red Light (Michael Harding H or Holbein)

Alizarin Crimson Permanent (Winsor Newton)

Burnt Umber (Michael Harding)

Cobalt Turquoise Light (Winsor Newton)

Or Cerulean Blue 

Ultramarine Blue - Green shade (Winsor Newton or Rublev)

Ivory Black (Michael Harding)

Optional: Pthalo Green